Business and Strategic Planning

Business Assessment:

  • We can help you define and understand your core strengths, weaknesses and competencies.
  • We review internal documents and interview your team in order to complete an internal assessment.
  • We then conduct an external assessment in order to get a view of the business from the outside, including a study of the market dynamics, and the key market success factors.
  • Based on this information, we develop practical recommendations that address the problems and opportunities facing the business.

Business Planning:

  • Starting a business takes courage, skill and vision ... we provide the support necessary to succeed.
  • We'll determine the feasibility and develop a comprehensive business plan with you, focusing on each of the functional areas.  
  • Each section of your plan will be complete and professionally prepared, addressing the important issues and requirements. 
  • We promote your business idea, maximizing your chances of raising capital and provide a roadmap to accomplish your goals.

Strategic Planning:

  • We help you establish a focused business vision and translate it into appropriate goals, objectives and actions.
  • We help you develop criteria to evaluate your progress in meeting critical milestones and achieving expected results. 
  • We give your business a road map along with the tools necessary to achieve long-range planning to successfully grow and manage your organization.

Why Hire a CMC

The Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation is earned through a combination of university education, experience, peer review, study and examination. CMCs bring a learned, objective viewpoint and a focused skill set to the task of recognizing and resolving challenges.


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